cpanel webhosting from 2.99 month
Cpanel web hosting from 2.99 month Cpanel web hosting from 2.99 month
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Cpanel web hosting from 2.99 monthCpanel web hosting from 2.99 monthCpanel web hosting from 2.99 monthCpanel web hosting from 2.99 monthCpanel web hosting from 2.99 monthCpanel web hosting from 2.99 month
Hosting Plans
Standard Plans
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Standard one (£2.99/month)
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Standard two (£3.99/month)
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Standard three (£4.99/month)
Business Plans
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Business one (£5.99/month)
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Business two (£7.99/month)
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Business three (£9.99/month)
Reseller Plans
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Reseller one (£15.99/month)
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Reseller two (£25.99/month)
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Reseller three (£35.99/month)
Standard features
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Front page Extensions
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Custom Error Pages
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Spam Filters & Anti virus
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Downloadable Backups
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Cpanel Control Panel
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Multi Domain Hosting
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Fantastico Script Installer
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Choice Of Shopping Carts
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Web stats
Customer Comments
I was amazed by the high standard of their customer service, Since then, I have trusted SimplyBeHosted with all my sites and I have never been disappointed yet.
Thank you for providing such a fantastic service and for always being so responsive.

Vicky Etherington


I truly appreciate your dedication and professionalism.
My website is now one less thing I have to worry about in running my business.

Tayo Agboola

I am constantly amazed by the excellent customer support you provide. No expensive calls to premium rate numbers. Just support emails answered very quickly. Often within the hour. The way it should be!!

Keep up the good work

To be honest, the service that I have recieved from Simply be Hosted is outstanding. Every query that I have had, website related or not, they have assisted me instantly (Within the hour) (No waiting for a reply like other companies). I would recommend Simply Be Hosted to anyone who wants peace of mind and excellent customer service.
Thank you to all at Simply Be Hosted for your outstanding service.

Anthony Colley

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We offer three reseller options, you can control the setting up of accounts and account features through your Reseller Control Panel.
Each of your customers are automatically given their own control panel to mange their hosting accounts.
Compare R1 R2 R3
Monthly Cost This is the monthly amount you will pay for this plan. 15.99 25.99 35.99
Disk Space This is the amount of space you have to upload and store your online files. 2000 MB 3000 MB 4000 MB
Bandwidth Lets say your home page is 50k in size. if 100 people visit your page each day, you would use 5 mb of your bandwidth allowance (100  x 50k). times that by 30 days and you would use 150 MB / month. If you offer downloads etc.. then this would use more. 30,000 MB 50,000 MB 80,000 MB
Reseller Control Panel The number of databases you may use at one time. try demo try demo try demo
C-panel Control Panel
try demo try demo try demo
Total Domains Hostable Allows you to send and receive mail from a web based interface. Handy for when you are away from your pc. 40 60 80
Subdomains allows you to add a sub text to your domain name, such as etc..
Add-on Domains Allows you to host additional domains under your main hosting account
Parked/domain pointers Allows you to add additional domains that point to your main domain, such as points to very useful if you wish to register multiple tlds of your domain but only want a single website.
E-mail Autoresponders Allows you to send automated email replies. Handy when you are on holiday
E-mail Forwarding Allows you to forward your mail or a copy of your mail to another email address. If you have an email to sms provider you can even forward to your mobile phone !
Spam Filters Allows you to setup spam filters based on email contents, subject, sender etc..
Email Antivirus We scan all incoming mail for viruses. if a virus is found the email is returned to the sender and not delivered to your inbox.
RBL Filters All incoming mail is compared against rbl lists such as If the sender is listed as a spammer the email is returned to the sender explaining why it has been returned.
FTP Accounts Multiple ftp accounts can be created. this allows friends/family to upload files to your account if required without giving them access to you main account or main ftp account.
Awstats Awstats gives you a detailed report on visitors to your website
Password protect Allows you to password protect files and folders on your account.
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Your own Name Servers included as standard(if requested)with all our Reseller plans.
Example: and
99.9% Uptime
Hosted on P4 Servers with linux os & Cpanel

ALL your customers incoming & outgoing emails are scanned for over 20000 known viruses and trojans before they reach you. Any email found to contain a virus is rejected before reaching your inbox. Antivirus mail scanning helps protect you from 99.9% of virus attachments sent by email but we strongly suggest you also have an antivirus program installed on your pc for complete protection.

Spam protection  

Our servers scan all incoming mail and compare it to a list of known spammers. This will stop 80% of spam before it reaches you.
In addition to this, you also have the option to setup your own spam filters and rules. This will help you filter out the remaining 20% of spam.

More Features  
Cpanel Control Panel Easy to use web control panel [See demo]
Large choice of scripts ready to install in a few clicks.
Custom error pages
Create your own custom error pages.
Redirect manager
Redirect pages to other domains/pages easily
Web based MySQL management tool
File Manager
Easy to use web based file manager
Backup & Restore
Backup your website at the click of a button!
Latest visitors
Logs containing the last 300 visitors to your site.
Detailed graphical information about your website visitors.
Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
E-Commerce Ready  
Setup your online store in a few clicks !
Zen cart
Ready to install from your control panel.
Cube cart
Easy to use shopping cart
Server software  
MySql Available as standard.
Full php4 support for your scripts
Server side includes (.shtml files)
Perl 5
Full perl 5 support for your scripts
MS Frontpage
Microsoft Frontpage extensions supported
Run CGI scripts from your own cgi-bin
Red hat Linux
Our servers run on fast stable red hat linux.
Scripts Available:  
Free scripts for your customers
Customer Relationship
PHP Support Tickets
Support Logic Helpdesk
Support Services Manager
Polls and Surveys
Advanced Poll
Content Management
Discussion Boards
Project Management
OS Commerce
Zen Cart
Other Scripts
Noahs Classifieds
ViPER Guestbook
Image Galleries
4Images Gallery
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