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Cpanel is one of the most feature packed control panels on the market today, cpanel allows you to administer your hosting account with ease.

Fantastico allows you to choose from a wide range of scripts, just choose the script you wish to install, then with just a few clicks of your mouse, your script is installed and ready to use.

All your emails are scanned for over 20000 known viruses and trojans before they reach you, any email found to contain a virus is rejected.

Our servers scan all incoming mail and compare it to a list of known spammers.
In addition to this, you also have the option to setup your own spam filters and rules.


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Tutorials (1)
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General (3)
Can I upgrade my package?
How do I pay for my account?
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Commonly Asked Questions (17)
If I register a domain with you, will I be the owner?
Can I order more storage space?
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Domain Names (2)
What should I do if I already own a domain?
Is it possible to buy more domains from you to use on my hosting account ?
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Email (6)
How do I go about setting up my email?
How many POP3 accounts can I have?
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Site Administration (4)
Server Information
How do I upload files to my website?
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Scripts (PHP, CGI etc.) (3)
How do I implement custom CGI scripts?
Where can I learn how to work with PHP?
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Worldpay Billing Questions (6)
What should I do if I receive an email stating that my card has failed?
How do I update my personal/contact details?
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